Parabajava: The Experience

Bourbon intertwined with beer has quickly become a favorite flavor experience to my thrillseeking pallette.  And when a brewery can seamlessly intermix other of my favorite flavors such as espresso coffee into said  experience, not only am I down, but I will gladly go out of my way to procur said libation.  Luckily for me, sometimes, just sometimes, your beer karma comes around and a fellow follower of the craft rains blessings like SCUD missles upon you.  And recently, I experienced said bombing.  A friend I’ve made trading beer with blessed me with a bottle of Firestone Walker’s 2015 Parabajava Barrel-Aged Imperial Coffee Stout.  And as my beer fridge is crowding as quickly as Chino, I had to take the plunge and start drinking some fancy brews.  Here’s the thing though, I didn’t realize that this was Bourbon Barrel Aged until after I cracked the top…oh well, here I am five hours later, still sipping and waxing poetic on this fantastically crafted Russian Imperial Stout type BBA brew.  This has aged so nicely since last year, and it’s so smooth considering it weighs in at 14% ABV, I upped my Heavy Weight badge on Untappd a level with this beauty.  I’m not one to sit and describe beers, but I think it’s suffice to say that this beer perfectly brings together the flavors of Coffee, Chocolate, Bourbon and Stout.  And, if you are a fan of said items, or more importantly a fiend for said items, you will enjoy this beer.  Not sure how easily you could procur a bottle of 2015 at this point, but I for one, will always be on the lookout for this one going forward.  If you’re on the ledge about purchasing beers over $20 a bottle, all I can say is that sometimes quality costs…Hopefully, my enthusiasm over this one (I haven’t posted in 7 months…) prompts you to seek it out.  Happy Hunting.  Peace, Love, Beer!