Pura Birra

Today, I woke up and decided it had been far too long since I visited Pure Project Brewing in Miramar, CA. Seeing as I could remedy this situation in under two hours and currently having nothing else to do, I decided to proceed southward stat.

In an hour and a half, I removed myself from the confines of Orange County and found myself smack dab in front of one of my favorite breweries in the world!

While everything Pure puts out is a step above the competition, the board today was filled with IPAs. (Though it’s Haze heavy, the West Coasts are not to be slept on.) If you have enough time and a designated driver or a hotel room a Lyft drive away, I’d highly recommend you try every single last beer on the menu! Trust me, I’m a professional. You will not be disappointed.

As I had to return to the OC, I decided on one flight and a growler to go. My flight, which I aptly named Keep Hops Alive, consisted of the following:

Desert Trip – West Coast IPA brewed in collaboration with Mumford Brewing.

This beer was clean, light and delicious! The Southern Hemisphere hops brought this beer in at 4.25/5

Murk IPA – Murky/Hazy with Mosaic, Denali and some Motueka that really shined through. 4.25/5

Hanging Gardens – Murky/Hazy brewed in collaboration with Temescal Brewing out of Oakland. This beer was light, easy drinking and delicious. 4.25/5

Sign of the Times – Murky/Hazy DIPA with Citra and Galaxy hops. This beer was oddly malty/sweet and my least favorite of the flight. 4/5

Murkshake – Murky/Hazy TIPA with Organic Strawberries and Vanilla Beans. This beer reminded me of Strawberry Bijou from Great Notion and Mikerphone and was FANTASTIC! 4.75/5 (Flight Standout)*

Guess which beer I got a growler fill of…

In short, Pure Project Brewing should be on every Craft Beer Lover’s shortlist!

I only wish I lived closer as I would be there everyday…

What’s your favorite Pure Project Beer? What’s the farthest you’ve ever driven for Beer?

If Pure is within your driving range, get here NOW!

I hope your Spring has been full of delicious Craft Beer, and if not, Get on it!

Happy Hunting! Prost!




Somehow a 7th Anniversary in the books…

The sun is out this morning, in full force, in the slowly rising city of Anaheim, California.  The Orange County city that gave the world Oranges, No Doubt and today some of the best beer being brewed in America.  While the elements tried Saturday, to test the mettle of Noble Ale Works‘ fans, the Noble Crew and their band of Nobleteers still managed to pull off another successful, delicious and thoroughly entertaining Anniversary Party.  (That certainly left more than a few folks shuddering to think about last night…)  Here are my reflections on the day as a Nobleteer.

Whether you’re a fan of the latest Hazy IPA, Cereal Stout, Spicy Beer, Sour or tried and true West Coaster, Noble brewed up something for everyone.  I had the pleasure of serving the most beautiful beer I’ve ever seen, Orange is the New Black Currant, a Radler that was as delicious as it was beautiful.  And I’m sure it would be all over Instagram if folks weren’t drinking and had ten minutes to type out that hashtag #… (I’ve now done it for you, so if you took pics of that beauty, hashtag away.  If there was a prettiest in show or most likely to be mistaken for an Acai Smoothie Award, this lovely lady has it in the bag, and everywhere else for that matter.)  I also measure beer success by how often the Brewers and Tasting Room Employees come back and yeah…FANTASTIC BEER!

I also served Montemocito (would love to know the meaning behind this beer name Noble folks.) This was a Cherry Lemonade Beer.  Though I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, the folks who like it came back like 15 times, seriously.  I also poured a few Lemon Shandylands and Pomelo Something or other….I learned what a Pomelo looked like yesterday, I kinda knew what it was, but people kept asking so I finally looked it up and then started describing it…beer brings knowledge, knowledge is power…beer is power.

The best part of being a Volunteer Beer Server is getting to meet and talk beer with so many cool and often like minded people.  The one thing we all can agree on is that we love beer and Noble was more than generous in facilitating and offering a plethora of delicious libations.

Huge thanks to Thunderking Brewing for keeping me going with that yummy Cold Brew! Appreciate it!

All in all, it was a fun, exciting and joyous couple of hours.  The Impromptu Dance Party USA that sprung up at 4PM was absolutely awesome and Vito was, well Vito! Such an Awesome Day! Thanks again Noble for the opportunity and thanks to everyone who came out in support of one of America’s Premiere Breweries and local Anaheim, Orange County treasures.  I look forward to continued to success for this Crew and can’t wait to see where this year takes them.

(To anyone I was lucky enough to serve, I truly hope you enjoyed the beer and the day!)

Hope your 2018 has been full of delicious Independent Craft Beer thus far, and if not, get on it!