Food and Beer?

When it comes to OC breweries, the number of breweries with a kitchen attached are few and far between…

At most local breweries, hungry patrons queue in line at whatever the food truck of the day is, that’s when there is a food truck on site. ย But what do you do if you want to spend a day eating great food as an accompaniment to your craft beer adventures?

Well, when you are in or near Costa Mesa, California, you could head on over to Barley Forge Brewing, where food, wine, and craft soda serve as the perfect accompaniments to fantastic locally crafted beer.

Based on a concept years in the making, BFBC brings a uniquely Americana feel to Orange County’s craft beer scene, both in packaging design and brewery functionality.

The brewery offers a host of games as well as free popcorn for you to enjoy. And based on the fact they have food, wine and craft soda available, it’s the perfect meet-up location for you to invite even your non-beer drinking friends (if you have any…you can even bring the kids…reminds me of Midwestern Breweries ala Capitol Brewing of my old stomping grounds in Madison/Middleton, Wisconsin)

Aside from their The Patsy, Coconut Rye Stout, that is a must try, I highly recommend Future Tripping DIPA and Fugue State RIS (barrel aged version if it’s available).

Now, they even have free live music on Thursday nights!

All in all, a highly successful endeavor that above all else produces FANTASTIC, locally crafted beer. So the next free weekend you have, come down and check them out. You will not be disappointed. ย I must confess, I stop in whenever I’m nearby…

Until next time, Drink Good Beer! Craft Beer!

Photo Credit: BrewFiend