Beachwood Brewing has recently begun canning one of my favorite IPAs of all time.  Rest assured, it’s a West Coast Style Gem of a Beer that certainly has the words dank and resinous in the description.  And, though I’ve had many a Bomber and recently a sixer of twelve ouncers, I still felt compelled to head over to my local beer shop and indulge in this liquid glory now cased in can form.  The funny thing about this IPA, is that its name is a bastardization of my favorite word.  Though I’m not quite sure why I’m so enamored with this word, I’m now certain how it tastes.  And saying the word, with the beer in your mouth somehow brings the whole experience full circle…

3rd person present: amalgamates; past tense: amalgamated; past participle: amalgamated; gerund or present participle: amalgamating

combine or unite to form one organization or structure.    

Or maybe, I’m just a word nerd that’s had one too many tongue dances with Lupilan laced libations…

Amalgamator is a dynamic West Coast-style India pale ale that’s delightfully light in body and bursting with unique aromas and flavors. A massive dry hop charge of Mosaic hops lays down an aromatic amalgam of passion fruit, blueberry, dank resin, and citrus notes. ABV 7.1% IBUs 70 (Warrior, Columbus & Amarillo Hops amalgamated in here too!)

West Coast Legend now in canned form!

God save Julian Shrago
The Hoppy Regime
He made you a West Coast
potential H Bomb!

Hope you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this West Coast Legend, and if not, get on it, it’s now highly trade-able…

Peace, Love, Beer (Independent Beer!)

Photo: BrewFiend



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