When it comes to Imperial IPAs, there are few breweries that can consistently craft an entirely DANK, yet completely balanced drinking experience. When I think of such an IPA, the first name that comes to mind is Avery Brewing of Denver Colorado. Avery produces two of the best Imperial IPAs I’ve ever embibed and their offering from their Dictator Series, The Maharaja is the second best DIPA they brew. The Maharaja provides an all out assault on your Hop Sensors, while having an amazingly smooth and balancing malt profile that just makes you want more! Whenever I see this beauty I have to snatch one up.

And now that Costco’s craft beer game is on point, it’s even easier. I picked up this bottle for $7 and all I can say is that after having been a Craft Fanatic in earnest for the past 4 years, this beer still holds up as one of the all time best Imperial IPAs in the business. If you’ve seen this guy and passed him over in the past, you should rethink that decision. Just make sure it’s within 3 months of the born on date for optimal taste.

I wish I had another one, right about now…hoppy, dank, resinous yet perfectly balanced. Prost!