This week, I was lucky enough to try two offerings from LA’s Mumford Brewing. I picked up their ALL CAPS IPA from Hacienda Beverage in Brea on Friday and was gifted a can of their Air Quotes IPA on Sunday…Beer Karma…

Air Quotes IPA
A delicious Yeasty courtesy of Mumford & Co.

While I rated both beers a 4 out of 5, this is truly an impressive feat. Talk about versatility?!

When you consistently brew delicious beers, I am going to support you. Period.

And I must say that Mumford has earned my support with back to back delicious IPAs in both the West Coast and Yeast Coast veins…if you happen upon some Mumford and Co. I would highly recommend you purchase it ASAP, no questions asked…

This Simcoe & El Dorado laden All Caps is precisely the type of West Coast hops punch I needed.

ALL CAPS: A textbook West Coast IPA

Hope your week is full of fantastic beer. Craft Beer!

Happy Hunting!

Peace, Love, Beer