Noble Ale Works: 24K Juice DIPA

Like the Brewmeisters that they are, Noble has hit it out of the park with their first canned Double IPA in the Yeasty IPA vein.

24K Juice is nothing less than a trend setting go at the “Northeast IPA” style.
Keeping “hop heads” the world over ever satisfied and ever thirsty, the Noble team is always sure to bring the “dankness” to any style they touch. I was lucky enough to get the allotment and was able to “share the wealth” literally with some friends and with Kyle at Homage…(word up Kyle!)

Thanks to my lovely wife for braving the line at Noble. Now I get to bask in the glory of her and Evan & Co’s labor.

24k Juice
Noble’s liquid poem to Hops & Yeast…dank & juicy…

To all the naysayers I say: “This is not for you…”
And to anyone lucky enough to snag a can, get on that ish, STAT!
It’s liquid gold!

[This brew outshined Crucial Taunt, Foggy Window, Air Quotes & Cloudy Party in a head to head to head to…]

Peace, Love, Beer