Up until the time I began using Instagram, I often  felt as if maybe, I was the only person who sat around and daydreamed about beer.  It wasn’t like I was a junkie, fiending for his next fix, but rather I was an eager Participant in a movement designed to bring flavor back to that four letter libation we all know and love: B-E-E-R!  The “beers” I was finding on the shelves of Total Wine’s mix and match section were slowly but surely leading me down the path of the beer adoring righteous.  I was sampling anything and everything I could get my hands on and lo and behold, a sojourn to Mammoth reinvigorated my desire to seek out fresh beer.   And I couldn’t wait to find new breweries and beers to try. I was so enthralled with the fantastic new flavor combinations that my palate was experiencing and I couldn’t understand why more “beer drinkers” weren’t demanding Real Beer.

It didn’t take long for me to begin proselytizing my “beer” drinking friends.   And soon after that, I started in on my abundant collection of friends who quote “Don’t like beer.”  Each party, night out or get together became another opportunity for me to wax philosophical on the finer things the world of craft beer and it’s breweries had to offer.  And each 6 pack of Witbier or Barrel-Aged bottle of Stout shared seemed to illuminate people to the fact that they did like beer, the just hadn’t really drank it before.

And so, it is with that, that I became a Craft Beer Confessionist, a somewhat snobbish zealot determined to testify of the great awakening happening in the realm of American Beer.  Becoming a part of the Craft Beer Community on Instagram only solidified my resolve to continue extolling the virtues of drinking small and drinking local.  To all the friends, followers and accounts I follow, I’d like to say thanks for bringing a whole new dimension to the world of “social” drinking. I only hope my thoughts and ideas are as well received as my photos.

CBC is all about spreading the gospel of “craft” to the masses. But trust that the world of Craft Beer isn’t for everyone, only candidates prime for conversion will follow down the path. And when you’re ready to share your story with the world, Craft Beer Confessions will be here.  

{While almost everything I said above is true, I may have slightly altered the truth when I said I wasn’t fiendingBrew Fiend}

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