Ever find yourself stuck in SoCal traffic and think to yourself: “F this, I’d rather be at a Nelson a concert…”

During my time commuting from the IE to the OC, I found myself in this predicament often.  One day, after becoming completely fed up with the nonsense that is SoCal traffic, I resolved myself to drive home via side streets.  On the days when even the side streets were crawling, I decided to begin detouring to the nearest brewery.  My brewery detour counts quickly added up and over the course of 2 years I racked up a good number of breweries from Placentia to Rancho Cucamonga.  Though I no longer have to commute 50 miles, I  think my car still enjoys the concept, because some days I find her driving off to some new location we’ve never been in hopes of finding someone else’s interpretation of the perfect beer…

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