Will Drive for Beer & Cool Peeps…

When you live in Orange County, CA, most days it takes at least an hour to get anywhere worth going…Coming from the Midwest, I have no issue with driving anywhere for any amount of time, so long as I’m moving…

But when you’re driving North from Orange County, moving means inching inch by inch towards a deeper insanity. That’s why, when I commit to drive anywhere over an hour, it usually means I’m heading south…to Beer Mecca…to San Diego.

Over the course of the past 8 months, I’ve made many an excursion southwards and rest assured that delicious craft beer has usually been at the epicenter of each and every one of my visits…

In July of this year, I linked up with an outfit called Hike for Beer SD…The masterminds behind this awesome “tribe” are a pair of lovely East Coast ladies who have paid their dues in the SD beer industry and are now pairing two of their passions and bringing anyone who wants to join in along for the ride.

While I can’t always get down to SD to join in on the fun, I try to link up with this band of amazing beer lovers as often as I can. They currently have excursions planned for 2 Sundays a month, these are morning hikes; and 2 Wednesdays a month, these are night hikes. At the end of each hike, the group proceeds to the nearest brewery to shoot the shit, drink beer and enjoy the company and camaraderie of like minded beer lovers. There is no downside to being a member of this group. NONE. On our most recent excursion we even roped in some innocent bystanding fellow hikers to pose for pictures and they started following the group on Facebook…I have a strong suspicion we will see these 2 brothers at some point joining us on a hike or three…

The point I’m trying to make is that this group’s enthusiasm is contagious, so much so that passersby always ask who we are and why there are so many of us. The canned response : “Hiking for Beer!”, Always receives the same reaction. “Wow, I’d do that…”

And if you’re a craft beer loving hiker/adventurer you probably would too…

If you’re lucky enough to live in San Diego County, you should definitely check out their IG Feed Hike for Beer SD.

If you’re from Orange County like me, most Sunday Hikes are at most a two hour drive from OC. We’ve done hikes in Solana and Carlsbad which are closer. I’ve made the trek down 3 times this year and each time I’ve met some awesome kindred spirits!

Our most recent hike, yesterday, took us to Kwaay Paay Peak Trail in Mission Trails with a Brewery Detour to BNS Brewing & Distillery.

After hiking beers at BNS Brewing in Santee, CA

I must say, few things are more enjoyable than watching a moon rise as the sun sets followed by delicious beer!

I took home a 4-pack of BNS’ GABF Medal Winning Revolver IPA. So West Coast!

Bottom line is if you like hiking, beer and meeting cool new people, this is the Coolest Group of People in San Diego. You should check us out…I no longer call them “Them”; they are my “Tribe”…

Rob of sdbeertour takes a Golden Hour photo of Pureโ€™s Blueberry Magic.

If this sounds like fun to you, I hope to see you at a future excursion…you cannot go wrong when you HIKE FOR BEER…





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