West Coast IPA Is DeadπŸ’€…Is Not!

Breweries’ IG accounts have become like Bat πŸ¦‡ Signals for craft beer lovers. Show off your latest offering or latest can release and you’re certain to attract a crowd. But that’s the problem, too many crowds have been forming, some at places unworthy of a crowd…

Far be it from me to deny anyone what they like, but anytime Hyper-Capitalism comes to an arena, Mass-Appealing, Mass Production is bound to ensue. Again, I’m never going to call any beer bad, drink what you like, but if you like elegance and flavor that’s derived from passion and craftsmanship, you should probably heed my words. (I tend to write about beer for actual beer lovers, people who love beer that tastes like beer…)

If you see me out a brewery, you very well may see me with a “Hazy/New England” IPA in hand, when it comes to beer I don’t discriminate, but, if you were to put a gun to my head and tell me that I could only drink one beer for the rest of my life, it would hands down, without a doubt be a WEST COAST IPA! (Is this even a legitimate sentence, honestly, I don’t think grammar even matters in this “new world…)

I understand that West Coast IPAs are not for everybody…yet everyone in California seems to think every IPA is a West Coaster…But for those of us who love them, those of us who could slam a glass of Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice without batting an eye, West Coast IPAs are Life!

The best way I could describe it is like a Pleasurable Punch of Hops to the Face! If you didn’t know, Hops are a relative of Cannabis, they both belong to the Cannabacea family of flowering plants. So if you really love Cannabis, chances are you are really going to love Humulus…(#guilty). And so it is with this affinity in mind that I best explain my love for all beers WEST COAST in nature.

So, when Green Cheek Beer Co. (My 2nd favorite brewery, sorry, Pure Project is currently first…) announced that one of my favorite West Coast IPAs was back, I literally jumped in my car…

West Coast IPA is Dead, is the epitome of my favorite beer. It evokes all the feelings I want to experience when drinking a beer. It starts off with a burst of earthy flavors before leaving a nice coating of dank resinous goodness on your tongue. If you smack your tongue against the rough of your mouth, you can savor the flavor that seems to simultaneously hit all my pleasure points at the same time. What’s left in its wake is a pleasureful “mmm!!!” and a smile on my face.

And that my friends is why West Coast IPA is NOT Dead and will never die, because I will always demand it…

So, despite your passing fancies, great beer will remain. And because I live so close to Evan and The Green Cheek Beer Co. I can guarantee that I will always have access to it.

Would you choose West Coast IPA as your last meal?

If you would, get down to Green Cheek before this batch of West Coast IPA is Dead is, well, Dead πŸ’€

Peace, Love, Beer


(To the lovely couple Eric and Maria that I talked Beer with, thanks for the amazing conversation and I hope you enjoyed your show! ✌🏽❀️🍻)