Dankness Dojo…

I woke up this morning with one thought on my mind: Dankness Dojo…

I’m not really sure how the thought got there, I have been thinking about Modern Times’ newest LA hotspot since it opened a few weeks back though. I’m not sure if it was a dream, a desire or just a fluke that led me to finally follow through on thought…

But, regardless of what the cause, I got it in my head to visit today.

A quick perusing of Google Maps and I figured out it would take me 2 buses and about $10 round trip to get from the confines of Anaheim to Downtown LA. So at 9AM this morning I set out to realize a dream.

I got a bit of a late start and missed the first bus by 37 seconds…I wasn’t going to run for it, today was meant to be my Lazy Sunday Funday…So, I decided to keep walking. I made it 5 more bus stops before the next bus actually came. In between, I managed to stop off at Subway for a FlatBread Breakfast Sandwich —had to prepare my belly to drink…

After 45 minutes of riding on an OCTA bus with a dude who pissed himself, I was so ready to transfer to LA Metro…Another hour and 15 minutes saw me shuttled through Buena Park, Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs and a shit ton of other cities I’ve never been to; culminating with my delivery to Downtown LA…a second off the bus, some whack job walks past me cursing out demons in Spanish…and I think, City Life……..

I proceed to walk 8 minutes through LA, passing parks and under construction walkways and I think to myself, this is City life…

As I round the corner, I catch a glimpse of lights that spell out the name of my destination: MODERN TIMES…

I walk through the front door and instantly feel at ease.

I walk up to the pouring station, order a flight, sit down and proceed to meet a fellow beer lover.

The crazy part is that he lives a few blocks away from me in Anaheim and had the same idea today…take public transportation up to Modern Times…I think to myself, how crazy and random, but I’ve learned that the universe moves in mysterious ways. We sit, we drink, we shoot the shit and all is right with the world.

He leaves, I remain and think to myself…the beer gods have ordained my path today…its extraordinary, and magically delicious.

My inner Ninja has been satisfied, at the Dankness Dojo…

So, what did I drink?

A flight of tasters, consisting of:

Stencil Crew Hazy DIPA

Nearly as Fast as Light Hazy DIPA brewed in collaboration with Great Notion Brewing

Port Sunlight Hazy DIPA 4

Pescespada Saisony/Bretty Beer, I thought it was labeled Brett IPA, brewed in collaboration with Almanac and this was fantastic, the standout of the flight 4.5

I then proceeded to have full pours of Stencil Crew  & Fast as Light…I rated these both at 4.25, with the slight edge going to Stencil Crew.

I was even able to snag a four pack of Lightning Calculator Hazy DIPA.

All in all, it was a successful Brewery Detour and a fantastic day spent roaming SoCal.

If you haven’t been to The Dankness Dojo, I highly recommend it. I even got a barrel aged iced coffee to go from Modern Times Coffee☕️ as a bonus.

Hope your 2018 has been full of delicious craft beer thus far.