12 Beers of Xmas

In an effort to get myself into the “Holiday Spirit” this year, I decided to turn to a trusted friend…BEER!

And not just any beer, but Real, Independent, Tried & True Craft Beer. Sure, the moniker is thrown around rather loosely today, but for me Craft Beer is beer produced by small, independent brewers that have no ties to “Big Beer” or do not incorporate a “Corporate Mind Set”… so, you won’t be seeing any In-Bev affiliates or a certain gargoyle-esque company who has recently placed profits over people…

Trust me when I tell you that the best beer in the world is currently being crafted by small, local breweries across the United States and every brewery on this list is one that you should seek out.

So, without any further adieu, the 12 beers that got me through the commercialized holiday we call Xmas:

The 12th Beer of Xmas
Beer: Leche Mole (Mexican Milk Stout) 6.8% ABV
Brewery: Bottle Logic Brewing
Location: Anaheim, CA
Rating: 4.5/5

This beer is truly a present that I look forward to every year. This is the first Bottle Logic Beer that I fell in love with. Think Abuelita’s Chocolate with a hint of spice. Add the words NITRO, and this was liquid velvet coating my throat with Stouty goodness. [You may still be able to find it on tap…]

The 11th Beer of Xmas
Beer: Nelson, She Wrote (Triple IPA) 12.3% ABV
Brewery: Noble Ale Works
Location: Anaheim, CA
Rating: 4.75/5

At Noble’s last Anniversary party, I spent the after-party making out with Nelson Triple Yum Yum. It was hands down one of the best Triples I’ve ever had. Well, this time around, Noble decided to give it a rebrand and maybe a minor tweek. Lucky for me, I drank this one right before it started to malt over (my last one was a tasty malt bomb). The secret is to drink these fast, but at 12%, Damn…

The 10th Beer of Xmas
Beer: BLAM! BLAM! (Yeasty IPA) 7% ABV
Brewery: Modern Times Beer (Collaboration with Garage Project)
Location: San Diego, CA
Rating: 4.25/5

NorthEast IPA meets WestCoast IPA with a lovely Nelson hopped juice bomb. Grapefruity and delicious, though I didn’t like this one as much as Underworld Dreams, I certainly went through the 4 pack a lot quicker. I’d drink it soon if you are still sitting on it…

The 9th Beer of Xmas
Beer: The Butcher (Stygian Imperial Stout) 7% ABV
Brewery: Societe Brewing
Location: San Diego, CA
Rating: 5/5

Roasty, delicious, devastating. This brew instantly became one of my favorite stouts. It was like chewing on chocolate with a lovely hoppy bitterness to it. I bought two bottles on my brewery visit and drank the 2nd one the next night. [My wife wanted some beer and said: “I want whichever one you smelled like last night…” Priceless.]

The 8th Beer of Xmas
Beer: Awkward Hug (Yeasty IPA) 7% ABV
Brewery: Kent Falls Brewing
Location: Kent, CT
Rating: 4/5

This beer drinks like a session. A nice fruity, juicy IPA that was so fresh tasting. This was my 3rd beer from this outfit and everything thus far has been delicious. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a steady supply from my East Coast comrade.

The 7th Beer of Xmas
Beer: Feel This Coffee IPA (Coffee IPA) 7.3% ABV (Collaboration with Dark Matter Coffee & The Descendents)
Brewery: Mikkeller Brewing
Location: San Diego, CA
Rating: 4.5/5

This beer definitely gets better as it warms. Super Hop Forward, but that Hypercaffium Spazzinate still pokes through to produce one thoroughly enjoyable beer. Definitely one of the better Coffee IPAs I’ve had.

The 6th Beer of Xmas
Beer: 5 LB Sledgehammer (Double IPA) 9.1% ABV
Brewery: El Segundo Brewing
Location: El Segundo, CA
Rating: 4.5/5

Dank & Resinous, just how I prefer it. This one was a no-nonsense WEST COAST DIPA at its finest. Simcoe and Mosaic to the MAXX! Enough said.

The 5th Beer of Xmas
Beer: CoDependent (Yeasty IPA) 6.3% ABV
Brewery: Noble Ale Works
Location: Anaheim, CA
Rating: 4/5

This beer was brewed in honor of one of my favorite breweries, Beachwood Brewing. While not my favorite of Noble’s recent foray into the juice, this was definitely an easy drinker with some nice flavors going on.

The 4th Beer of Xmas
Beer: Inner Geek Ale (Brown Ale) 5% ABV
Brewery: Bottle Logic Brewing
Location: Anaheim, CA
Rating: 3.75/5

This beer was brewed in honor of the 25th Anniversary of Blizzard Entertainment. (The folks that created Diablo, WOW & Overwatch). While the Label Art was absolutely amazing, the beer was a little thin and nowhere near the type of Brown I’d expect from Bottle Logic. It had some nice flavor and got a little better as it warmed, but there was something funky I just didn’t like about it…oh well, sometimes you shoot and miss…

The 3rd Beer of Xmas
Beer: Lumppacoal (Imperial Porter) 6.3% ABV
Brewery: Noble Ale Works
Location: Anaheim, CA
Rating: 4.5/5

Roasty, Chocolatey goodness. This is exactly what I am looking for in an Imperial Porter. I wanted a growler, but sadly it’s a tasting room only offering. Let’s hope it’s a yearly tradition…

The 2nd Beer of Xmas
Beer: Diavoletto (Super Session IPA) 3% ABV
Brewery: Bissell Brothers
Location: Portland, ME
Rating: 4.5/5

I was so iffy about this beer when I received it from a friend. I’ve never been a big fan of Table Beers and don’t even drink Sessions that often. But, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the extreme flavorful-ness of this beer. It was like one of the best glasses of Grapefruit Juice that I’ve ever had. I could seriously see this being in my fridge on a regular basis if it was readily available.

The 1st Beer of Xmas
Beer: The Nothing (Double Chocolate Imperial Stout) 9.3% ABV
Brewery: Smog City Brewing
Location: Torrance, CA
Rating: 4.5/5

This is one super dark, chocolatey SOMETHING! When I want a Chocolate Stout, I want a CHOCOLATE STOUT! And this brew will not disappoint. The best present I received on Xmas! Nothing like giving gifts to yourself…

And there you have it folks; 12 beers that got me through 12 days of 2016. While the bulk of these beers are readily available in Orange County, CA a couple of them made their way to me from across the country and I’m so grateful for the chance to try them.

If you completed a Beer Advent Calendar or something similar this year, let me know what you drank, as I’m always looking for new brews!
Peace, Love, Beer!

(Note: Some days, 1 beer just doesn’t cut it, for up to the minute brew reviews follow my Untappd feed at Brew_Fiend) 

All 📸 by: BrewFiend


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