Hollaback Beer? Yep, a beer that’s so delicious that it tastes just like juice and has you wishing you could be drinking it during your morning meeting, along with a bagel and lox…

Vermont Style IPAs or YeastCoast IPAs, as I’ve affectionately coined them, are popping up at every brewery around the country from Brooklyn to Torrance…and with them is coming a new “unorthodox” style of beer that has many in the beer comunity in a quandry for how to classify these uniquely cloudy IPAs.

I for one, am of the opinion that these delicious beauties should have their own distinct classification, apart from traditional and west coast variations of the IPA style. At this point, these beers have tread some pretty unfamiliar territory in the realm of craft brewing. And their cult like following, has assured them a place in the hearts, minds and palattes of beer lovers the world over.

I’ve recently been blessed with the opportunity to try a variety of these beers from Jupiter, Florida to Anaheim, California and I can wholeheartedly say that I am a huge fan.  But the fact remains, that I do not classify these beers as IPAs, but rather YIPAs…

Agree with me or not, I think that we can all agree that the entire craft beer community has benefited from brewers and breweries choosing to push boundaries and emulate one another when it behooves them to do so, to push the “industry” forward.

I’d love to hear what folks think about the matter…

Here are a few pics of some of the finer YIPAs i’ve been able to try (Please note this may include Pale Ales.)

Dankstar Pale Ale (Civil Society Brewing Co.: Jupiter, FL)

Eating Other Editors (Monkish Brewing Co.: Torrance, CA)

Hazeflux (Bottle Logic Brewing Co,: Anaheim, CA)

Haze Shift (Bottle Logic Brewing Co.: Anaheim, CA)

Spock It (Monkish Brewing Co.: Torrance, CA)

Dank You for Being a Friend (Noble Ale Works: Anaheim, CA in collaboration with Cellarmaker Brewing Co.: San Francisco, CA)

Bench Buddies (Civil Society Brewing Co.: Jupiter, FL in collaboration with Angry Chair Brewing Co.: Tampa, FL)

Mage Hand (Modern Times Beer: San Diego, CA)

Juicy is the New Dank (Noble Ale Works: Anaheim, CA)

Hazelus (The Bruery: Placentia, CA)