Bottoms Up!

Wait, I know what you are thinking: “great, just what the world needs another “craft beer” review blog…”

But Craft Beer Confessions has nothing to do with reviewing beer.

As we all know, all beer was not created equal, that being said, we should also know that all beer taste is relative.  If you are a craft beer drinker and you are drinking beers because Beer Advocate or Untappd told you to, then you are doing it wrong.  To learn to love and and appreciate beer is just like anything else, it’s all about trial and error.  Enjoying craft beer is really about the journey from treating beer as a means to an end , to appreciating it for the truly remarkable work of craftsmanship it can be.

So to that end, I bring you Craft Beer Confessions, a brash, bold and haughty proclamation for my love of all things craft beer.  From self-reflections to observations to conversations with kindred spirits in the craft community, CBC is sure to be a beer filled journey for me and you.  While the main focus will be on my own path down the road of craft, CBC is really about what the world of craft beer means to you, the craft beer drinker.  I will however be testifying about any and every brewery that this BrewFiend™ thinks will bless you…

Until the next post I say: Drink Good Beer, Craft Beer!

Phot Credit: BrewFiend